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26 Jun 2020 13:35

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Now that you have chosen your new puppy and brought it home, the time has come to choose a name. What is fun at first glance often becomes a difficult decision. With just a little thought and planning, you can find the right name for your new best friend.


Consider the physical characteristics of your new puppy first. Will the dog be big or small, with long floppy ears or short straight ears? You can show the color of a dog or the characteristic of something like a bite or wrinkled face. Also consider what the dog will look like when fully developed. A little new puppy makes you think Kudling is a good name, but if he's a full-grown Rottweiler, does the name still fit?

If the dog is male or female , the dog's gender name must be reflected. Some dog owners prefer gender-neutral names. It is also not uncommon to give a name that reflects the opposite sex of a dog. A man can easily be called a princess. If she is your heart's desire, no one will reject her, most people think she is weird.

Now that you have listed all the physical qualities of your dog, consider your personality. If you are a big football fan, do you really want a dog named Drunken? Remember that you must say this name several times a day and make a loud noise to get your dog's attention when it is on the other side of the yard! Some may sound silly or long at first, but after calling your dog for a dog, you can stick to the short. One or two letters are suitable for naming your dog.

Limit your choice to two or three that you really like. After selecting the three best options, run a test with each name. Use the name every day and see how to do it. By the end of the third day, you should have a good idea of ​​which name to use. If none of the names seem appropriate, try again. The great thing about your new puppy is that what you tell your dog always lasts until the sound of your voice!

Choosing a name for your dog should be fun. So enjoy! You have so much more than naming your child, and the pressure that actually subsides, you can rename your dog if you wish. Check out these great tips and join a fun name adventure for your best friend.

First of all, make sure the name you like is easy to understand and is verbal. Your dog responds better to one or two clear names. A short name, your dog can recognize it, remember it and react to it. Long, complex names only confuse your pet, it is difficult to train, and difficult to say for others, especially your children. The name should be simple to call your pet.

Avoid sounds that sound like standard commands like "sit, stay, sit, come, no, or get". For example, your dog may accidentally zone to "no" and sound like "ray" or "stay". It can be difficult for your dog to hear the difference between words with the same sound.

There are millions of potential dog names and thousands of lists to give ideas. You can choose from the most popular names like Max, Buddy or Rocky for Male or Bella, Molly or Lucy. Or you can develop a completely unique name that says as much about you as it does about your dog. You can choose your dog's name based on your personality, color, breed, appearance or the criteria you choose.

To reinforce your pet's name, include eating favorite things when he responds to your name. Your dog will learn very quickly, especially when he behaves.

Once you have chosen the name, test it for a week or two. If the name is not good, you will probably be notified within a week. Just change the name and try again. Every fifth dog owner changes their dog's name in the first year. However, do not wait so long to change the name as this will make it more difficult to train your dog as he has already learned to answer the name. Now you will be confused if you hear a different name.

A new puppy is coming to live with you. What should you name your new puppy? Should your puppy's name be chosen at random? Should you choose a puppy name that is the same for every dog ​​breed? Or should you choose the name you are looking for? And finally, what if the puppy came out of the rescue kennel and already has a name? Can you change it These are all great questions when choosing a puppy name.

For new puppies, the meaning of the name is just as important as the naming of the child. Why because the new puppy will be part of your family and everyone should participate in taking her name. It should be easy to say and spell. It must have a specific meaning or suggestion with which the name can be associated. A good example is the name "monster".

This is something that some people find bad or bad for a dog. This in turn will pose a threat to the dog and the people around it. This can cause others to injure the dog or run away from the dog. This will also cause negative reactions towards the dog and hence the dog will not be the best for a healthy and practical part of the family. If you name a dog, something like this is thoughtless, but more within the scope of the dog, it can cause another reaction on the dog and cause it to never mature in a beloved pet.


When thinking about names, it is best to love and consider something. There are many resources on dog names on the Internet. You can only see Google names of people and a long list will appear. This name can be used to find out or to assign the family name to the dog. You can also find names that are related to specific dog breeds. Some races are more energetic and some more sluggish.

Most importantly, everyone says that the name you choose and it is repeated many times a day. If you improve your dog or love your dog, this name stays constant. Long names are more difficult to say and implement, while shorter names make it easier. Keep in mind that if it is a long name, most people will shorten it anyway.

If you are the creative type, you can choose a name to find your puppy. Here are examples of some fictitious names.

-Full su
- Scooty
Biscuit monster
- Mr. Barclay
-Grab the graf
-Win Winston Chill
-Made Line

There is an unlimited list. As you can see, these are some people's favorite names, favorite movies or stars made by some owners. So naming your dog or puppy is not as difficult. Remember that the puppy is a much smaller version of the bottom. You want to make another guess about how to name a small lab or a small Chihuahua monster. However, it is fun and even at the request of the owner it would be lovely.

The best way to choose a name is to write the names of other dogs you already know and love. Then search online for baby names. Write the name you like or just a partial name. For example, hunter is the specific name of a dog whose owner prefers to hunt. Not very original, but it is also common in human names. Then type the name syllable, for example: bark. Then, add endings like Lee or Barclay or Birket or Ataboy or Boyhood or Cowboy, create a series of ideas that make you like the name and have something original. Spot and Fido are also proper names for dogs, so nothing can be excluded. Enjoy and make sure it tastes as good as it gets.

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