Loveable German Shepherds

02 Oct 2020 04:39

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The German Shepherd Dog has a clear reason for being one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Due to the media's exposure to the fact that they are often used as police dogs, the majority of the population there consider the German Shepherd to be the most intelligent, protective and polite breed. Get more unique dog names for German Shepherd.


But this race is not for everyone. You will see the German Shepherd lying quietly in the photo, despite the warning, on a cold evening with a hot fire in the owner's feet, there is a dog that needs two hours of exercise and 20 minutes of exercise and an additional photo 10 minutes ago Is imprisoned in The dog was provided.

While every puppy is cute, the German Shepherd has a lot of energy and needs constant training from the start. While the dog is this smart and defensive, the owner needs to find a way to ensure that the dog does not begin to believe that he is smarter than the owner. To establish yourself as a master, with a particular behavior and lifestyle, and to keep the dog under control at all times, it is necessary to have a daily training - but at the same time not the "sure hand" of this breed is. Steadfast behavior is more effective for training than firm action. Dog ownership can be a major disaster when it comes to defense and by nature a large dog decides or reacts - when it is necessary to maintain this element of control.

Apart from intelligence, the thing that is less known is that unlike other breeds such as the popular Golden Retriever, the German Shepherd's strong bite grows in the dog line. They work hard and bite, and for police and sporting purposes, it is the greatest strength of the breed. But as a pet, the owner needs to understand that it is not a genetic biting nipple and that there is a possibility of harm if the dog chooses to bite. The fact that the dog was "required" to defend itself probably won't make any difference in court - the damage has been done.

The German Shepherd is a breed that was created in Germany in 1899 by a man named Max von Steffenitz. This makes it a relatively new breed compared to others. Most notably, it is a working dog and was originally born as a lamb. Today he is considered one of the most versatile dogs, participating (and excel) in almost all queen sports such as police dogs, search and rescue dogs, service dogs and protection dogs, agility and obedience.

For you, it means that you are considering owning a dog to work, which means that it needs purpose and direction in its life, and that is to provide you with "work". This "task" can be anything from the above types of daily disciplined training to teach the dog to follow you and make you happy. If you do not provide a task to this dog, it will help the dog to find its work. Usually, your house will break down to free yourself from unlimited free space. The damage to a German Shepherd Dog when in your home is very impressive.

A German Shepherd Dog is available in various colors: black and brown, black and red, black, sable, white (red jean) and even blue (a shade of blue gray), as well as other colors, gene pool Come in All colors except for black and brown (red, brown), sable and black are genetic defects and should be avoided. The White German Shepherd would be disqualified immediately by the American Kennel Club, and any other when A.C. Permission to register would be considered a fatal error. Given the original purpose of this breed, it was difficult to keep a white German Shepherd dog among the flock, much easier to work with the police, and not seen in the snow (given that the dog came from Germany , Where snow resides). As a result, the German Shepherd's white coat made the dog unusable. In the United States, some defective colors, including white, have become "trendy", harming their breed, but their popularity has increased and as a result German Shepherds are not following the breed's standard.


As with any dog ​​ownership, there is a duty to take care of the dog regardless of any health issues, and the German Shepherd Dog has many such qualities.

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