How Often Should You Bathe a Dog?

01 Nov 2020 07:09

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While you are reading this article, you will probably be looking for the definitive answer to the title question to Nalin. If there's anything I can tell you, this is: bathing your dog is fine. However, the "how often" part of the question is as personal as you or your dog. It is good to remember that dogs are not like humans. They do not need to rinse every day. Cute dog names for boys.


Where to place your dog is a big part of this whole topic. If your dog is an outdoor dog or spends a lot of time outside, they get stuck in something dirty instead of keeping you indoors. But sometimes it doesn't matter where the dog is because the smell of that dog can still be a problem.

If you are considering bathing your dog, your dog may have been caught in something that needs to be washed, or the smell of the dog has finally reached you. Another reason may be that someone in your household is allergic to a dog dog. This is a good reason to bathe your dog. Whatever it is, there are two important factors to consider when bathing the dog.

1. Use a dog-friendly shampoo. There has been a lot of research in recent years on what is good for shampoos and what is not for dogs. Common knowledge is that human shampoos, soaps and conditioners are not good for your dog. They manipulate, compromise and potentially extract natural oils in your dog's fur. Detergents are very harsh on dog skin. It is worth doing legwork and finding a dog-friendly shampoo and conditioner for your dog's coat. This will help remove all the natural oils of the dog when you wash its fur.

2. Put cotton balls in your dog's ears! You don't have to take it, just place it directly under the ear flap. You just need to take extra water. It is amazing how some people follow this very simple and proven strategy. Dogs are more prone to ear infections. However, sometimes dogs struggle with this step in the process. If you cannot tolerate your dog with cotton balls, then you should be very careful about how to clean your dog's head. Taking a daily bath should not be a visit to the vet's office.

Some owners bathe their dogs every three months. Other dog owners have a bathing ritual every two to three weeks. Some believe that they should never bathe their dogs unless it is unavoidable. I have also talked to a professional dog breeder who is showing this issue to his dogs. They told me that when their dogs are shown they bathe once a week. If it does not, it can happen once a month. Different types of dogs (short hair, long hair, curly hair, heavy undercoat, etc.) also play a big role. I talked to a short-haired dog who takes a shower every 3 months. I talked to a woman who takes her dogs to the beach every day. She takes a shower every two weeks. Her reasoning is that she sleeps with her dogs and hates the bad smell of the sea in her bed!

One of the most interesting things dog owners told me is that the smell of the dog that gets into your veins has something to do not only with the dog getting dirty, but also with the diet. If you give your dog the right grain-based food, then the dog's digestive power will be healthy, and when this happens, the dog will smell less. Arguments against grains are paramount in dog food. However, dog food companies are still pumping corn, wheat and soy into their dog food as a cheap supplement. Look at the ingredients you find for your dog on the dog food page.


The original argument was that excessive bathing would get your dog rid of a coat of essential oils. With the removal of your dog's natural fur oil, it is more likely to have dry, itchy skin and a pale coat. However, some products are specifically made for this condition. There are specially made dog shampoos that try their best to keep the fur essential oil on the dog and do not drain it. Another common solution for cleaning your dog's fur wipes. If your dog sniffs that dog, or if you are worried about excessive injury or hair loss, a pet wipe may be the solution.

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